Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Have THIS!!!

Procrastinating. This is laugh-out-loud funny:

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Night

I began writing this post about my troubles with accounts of the rescue of the Mersk Alabama Captain Richard Phillips. At first reading it seemed like a tremendous overreaction to send three sniper bullets through the remaining three pirates. Pirates who, by all accounts were out of options, tethered to the USS Bainbridge because the lifeboat they occupied was out of fuel, not to mention food and water. I was writing that I was troubled by the way things went down when an intriguing and (of course) entirely speculative notion occurred to me. With ideologues like Hannity and Glenn "Blubberbuss" Beck openly calling for armed insurrection, and uncomfortably large swaths of the country amenable to their vitriol, perhaps the administration was not in a mood to take too many chances. I mean can you imagine ol' Blubberbuss' first show after Captain Phillips suffers a fatal heart attack while in the pirates' custody, or the pirates actually commit the one act of nihilism the Navy contends they (the pirates) were on the verge of when the SeALs put their heads out? Nothing but tears and bluster I'd bet and the bodies on Beck's rhetoric this time might be from a group of Somali immigrants in a rust belt city.

In other news, Clarance Thomas has taken off both shoes and one sock... is he crying?

Thursday, April 09, 2009

A sad end.

As I sit here waiting for the Sabres to take on the canes in their penultimate game. I think of all the missed opportunities, all the points left on the table, It makes for a frustrating season. Hopefully the off season will yield the changes needed to right the ship. But that's the thing right? Next season will be different. And I truly hope that it is. Whatever happens this off season I think there is a chance that what we have is really worth building on. We have a solid core of players. A goalie that has the ability to get us where we want to be. We also have a coach with the experience to coach in the biggest games. We may not have gotten into the playoffs. But you can never say it wasn't entertaining. Here's hoping these next two games sends us out on a high note.